Male Rejuvenator


This custom blend represents ideal help for Neuropathy, High Blood Pressure and Circulatory problems related to Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Disease and more.

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Male Rejuvenator is based on Nobel Prize winning research. It uses a custom blend of vitamins that encourages natural relaxation of constricted arteries while bathing the circulatory system with nutrients. Male Rejuvenator represents ideal help for Erectile Dysfunction sufferers experiencing less-than-ideal erectile performance due to decreased circulation or cardio-vascular disease.



Recommended INITIAL DOSAGE is THREE SERVINGS PER DAY for the first 30 days for best effect. This is followed by TWO SERVINGS PER DAY for 30 days. Then only ONE SERVING PER DAY is suggested. Discontinue use 7 days prior to any surgery and monitor any Vitamin D supplements you are utilizing.


90 serving supply, 180 serving supply


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